Sr.No. Discipline Season Title Beneficiaries
1 Agronomy Kharif  Assessment of potash application in soybean 07
Rabi  Assessment of potash application in irrigated Chickpea 07
2 Plant Protection Kharif Management of Stemfly and Gridle beetle 13
3 Agriculture Engg. Kharif Assessment of tractor drawn BBF planter 07
Kharif Performance evaluation of portable PDKV mini solar dryer 13
4 Horticulture Kharif Assessment on short duration high yielding turmeric 07
Kharif Assessment on YVMV resistant varieties of Okra for improvement of yield 07
5 AHDS   Influence of Mineral mixture feeding on crossbreed cows 13
  To train the farmer producer for clean and hygienic milk production in buffalo 13
6 Home Science Kharif Assessment of suitability of Mittens in harvesting Soybean crop 13
Rabi Assessment of suitability of sapling transplanter and sampling carrier in vegetable  production system 13