Soil Testing Laboratory

Soil Testing Laboratory was established in the year 2004-05 to cater the needs of farmers of Wardha district of Maharashtra State. Regular training and awareness camps are being conducted in the KVK adopted villages and other villages of Wardha district. Soil health cards has been designed specific to the crops of the districts and are being issued to the farmers from the year 2005 onwards. The laboratory is equipped to analyzing pH,EC,OC N,P,K,Zn,Fe,Cu,Mn,B, S and EC of soil samples  On an average 3500 samples are analyzed every year. The equipment available with the soil-testing laboratory are:

Atomic Absorption Spectophotometer

Soil testing mini lab

Flame Photometer

pH meter

Conductivity bridge

Electronic balance

Chemical balance

Water distillation still

Kjeldahl digestion and distillation units




Hot plate