Front Line Demonstration

 frontline demonstrations have been designed to show the production potential of modern agricultural technologies on farmers’ field. The outcome of these activities have been computed in the form of number of beneficiaries who have adopted these technologies for enhancing yield optimizing inputs thereby increasing farm income resulted in  socio-economic status of farmers. Even after conducting FLDs, yield gap is recorded at the farmers’ field which still needs counseling & attention.

Sr.No Discipline Season Title Beneficiaries
1 Agronomy Kharif Varietal Demonstration of Soybean variety Phule Agrani(KDS-344) under NMOOP 50
    Kharif Varietal Demonstration of Pigeonpea variety PKV-TARA under NFSM 50
    Rabi Varietal Demonstration of Chickpea variety JAKI-9218 under NFSM 50
2 Plant Protection Kharif Management of Pod borer complex in Pigeon Pea  
      Management of Gram pod borer  
      Management of Onion thrips  
      Management of Wheat stem borer  
3 Horticulture Rabi Frontline Demonstration of New Improved variety Onion Akola safed 12
    Rabi Frontline Demonstration of New Improved variety Ajwain AA-01-19 12
4 Agriculture Engg. Kharif Opening of Furrow every after two row  
    Rabi Demonstration on Rotavator  
5 Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science Kharif Cultivation of Phule jaywant and CO-4 fodder for green fodder 13
    Rabi Cultivation of Maize (African Tall)for green fodder 13
6 Home Science Kharif Assessment on suitability of mittens in harvesting soybean crop 13
    Rabi To promote standard procedure  of value added processing of oyster mushroom into mushroom powder 13